Your Blog Needs a Shop

How much time do you spend on your blog?

Creating content can be tough. We know it.
Beating traffic on that post about David Cameron and the Porcine Pumpkin is waking you up at night in a cold sweat, but you have to hit the target every day.

You have to make time to run your advertising strategy, post to social networks, reply to comments and generally engage with the ever growing audience that you are feeding.

Checking Google Analytics and Chartbeat is a compulsion and you never go anywhere without your laptop.

How much time does it take to run an online shop effectively?

Updating products constantly and refreshing your inventory can be tough. We know it.

Beating the sales of that T-Shirt keeps us awake at night.

Making sure the printers are maintained, the blanks are stocked, the customers are happy and satisfied, the returns are in process and the price is right is all extremely time-consuming and that’s just half of it.

Nobody Can Do Both

So nobody can do both. You can’t run a successful content heavy site and run a shop at the same time unless you are lucky enough to make enough from¬†advertising and sponsorships to pay a member of staff or two to do so, but even then, how do you create the product you are selling and how do you deal with customers and make sure that you retain a high seller rating?

This is where EKKI comes in. We have designed our service to be a match to your Publication. We are your right hand when it comes to deploying and running your shop and we are very good at it.

Typically it takes us less than a day to get your shop ready along with basic promotional content that you will need to show your audience that there is something for them to buy.

After that, we monitor – checking Chartbeat and Analytics compulsively, design new products with you based on your audience or your own ideas.

Our commission rates are very competitive too. We beat most of the ‘Do it Yourself’ shopping carts, but of course the trick is that you aren’t doing it yourself with EKKI. We are always there, looking after your shop, your customers and you.

Your Blog needs a shop.

Why not give EKKI a try