How much will I earn from an Ekki shop?

EKKI pays you on a sliding scale between 10%, and 20% of the revenue (excluding VAT) transacted from your shop.

The exact amount will depend on some variables such as:

* The amount of traffic your store generates – the more clicks into your EKKI store the more revenue we will share

* Whether you have any of your own finished designs

* The size of your social media following

* Whether you are nice people to work with!

What if I have my own products to sell in the shop?

Then you set the price, and we ship and collect the revenue. We’ll charge you for storage and fulfilment depending on the size, type of product and value.

I have some finished designs that I’d like to put on clothing and other items?

Great ! Then just send them to us your artwork and we’ll load them into your shop – displayed on whichever items you choose. We can run samples for you at cost if you’d like to check the finished product.

I’d like my own designs but don’t know how to create them.

No problem – we have a panel of freelance designers with whom we work, and you just brief one or more of them. Some will charge you a fixed design fee and others will be happy to take a cut of sales if you prefer

How long does it take to set up an EKKI shop?

We can usually have you running within 2-3 days, but it can take less time than this if your requirements are straightforward.

How do I affect sales?

Well, there’s a good question!

It’s all about matching products to your audience. That’s why we have such an extensive range of products available and also the ability to produce other, more specialist items. So if your site is all about cats for example then we can provide loads of designs that cat owners may like. If you have ideas of your own – then so much the better.

Then it’s about making those products visible and accessible without interfering with your mainstream content or irritating your audience by being too greedy and ‘commercial’. We have years of experience at this and will talk you through all of the options.

I am just launching my website – can I still have an EKKI shop?

Yes – what better time to introduce the concept. Sales of merchandise will largely mirror traffic on your site and the number of social followers you have – so don’t expect too much too soon if you are just getting started.