EKKI Shop Helps to Replace Ad Blocker Revenue


The digital publishing industry has seen a 48% rise in the use of Ad Blocking software in the last 12 months, and Apple is clearly now embracing the technology for its mobile devices. Some major online publishers are reporting a 25% decrease in the revenue from traditional advertising and for some smaller publishers and blog owners, the whole commercial footing of their sites is at risk.

Many are turning to other methods of paying their way and introducing branded content or offering targeted complementary merchandise to support their work. The problem with merchandise is that many site owners don’t have the physical facilities or skills to provide a wide enough or relevant range of products.

www.ekkiekki.com was launched in 2015, by the company behind several successful e-commerce brands and already has multiple partners generating substantial additional revenue. The advantages of the EKKI approach are the speed of set-up, the range of products and the merchandising platform behind the proposition. A publisher can choose from over 20,000 available products – many of which can be specific to their readers’ interests and the store can be set up within hours.

The EKKI team look after all fulfilment and customer service and then share the revenue from the transactions. Unlike an affiliate arrangement, the website owner controls the branding, the product range, the pricing and also several other important aspects of the store.

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