Money for nothing and your shop for free


EKKI ( has been launched, by the brains behind More T Vicar and Tee Tree Apparel Ltd. The Company, which prides itself on crafting simple shopping experiences and print expertise, has glued together it’s departments to create a new, revenue share shopping platform selling custom printed merchandise (t-shirts, phone cases and ceramics) for all blogs and websites.

“We are thrilled to put the last piece of our puzzle into place. We can now offer a very simple and flexible solution to help content creators monetise their online properties. It works like a dream and it’s totally free.”

More T Vicar has been producing high quality printed apparel since 2003. The Company re-defined their model in 2012 by complimenting the advertising model with a direct partnership approach with content providers like The Daily Mash and Viz: two stalwarts in British satire and alternative humour. The digital team at More T Vicar were instrumental in bringing Viz onto the social scene in 2014.

Damien Bidmead, Head of Digital of Tee Tree had this to say, “EKKI is a new platform that encapsulates all of the best things we do. We are great with e-commerce development in a very competitive market, and we are now also print experts. Our customer service team have helped us get a 94% seller rating. The one thing we were missing was a way to create and manage multiple instances of stores for multiple partners and now we can. We are here to help bloggers, content creators, artists, and musicians offer merchandise. If you have an online following, EKKI is your new best friend.”

To learn more about EKKI, expansion plans, or to build your shop, contact Chris at 07976 171058, Andy 01494 853153 or email,, or visit the website at

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